YouTube Video Original Page - GreaseMonkey UserScript

YouTube Video Original Page UserScript will insert a link to the original page of a YouTube video from a page which has an embedded YouTube Video.

There are many pages where you will find a embedded youtube video. When you find such a page, you may want to find the original youtube page as well. You may want to add a comment. Or you may what to download the video. Whatever you reason might be, this userscript will do the job for you.

This userscript will add a link called 'YouTube Page' just below the video. This link should take you to the original youtube page for that video.

I have arranged a small demo page that has many youtube videos embedded in it. Just install the script and go to that page to see what I am talking about.

Install Script

YouTube Video Original Page

To install, you must have the greasemonkey extension for firefox browser. If you have it, click the link and choose "Install".


YouTube Video Original Page
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